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    PACS teaching system


    Product overview

    Virtue PACS teaching system, in addition to the basic image teaching function, also has a perfect teaching material management system, which is convenient for teachers to collect, manage and use teaching materials, so that the scattered materials can be transformed into rich teaching resources. At the same time, it can also share high-quality teaching courseware, excellent courses and other resources, making it easier for students to learn and more convenient for teachers to teach.

    Image processing standard module

    1. It supports row selection and column selection of images, supports tile, stack, MPR and other image browsing methods, and can quickly adjust the parameters of DICOM image, such as window width, window level, zoom, roaming, mirror, rotation, false color, negative image and so on.

    2. Support CT, Mr and other images to add and delete positioning lines.

    3. Support to add lines, arrows, rectangles, arbitrary polygons, angles, cob angles, heart to heart ratio, text and other functions. It can analyze the perimeter, area, maximum value, minimum value, average value and CT value of ROI area.

    4. Support the import and export of images, and export multi frame DICOM format images as AVI files. Support DSA multi frame image playback, digital subtraction and other functions.

    Teaching materials management module

    1. Image management 2. Sharing management 3. User management permission management 4. File management 5. Directory management


    Interactive teaching mode

    It has the screen broadcast function of the teacher machine. Support the student machine to enter the teacher machine for color comparison at any time. It has one-to-one or one to many functions of text and voice communication. Support group teaching, student demonstration, online discussion and other teaching modes. Support real-time course recording function. Support examination and scoring, rush answer and question mode. Support simulation diagnosis, simulation diagnosis report writing.

    Clinical data module

    Support to obtain DICOM image data directly from PACS server of Affiliated Hospital (need PACS support). It has a large number of clinical imaging database and typical case diagnosis, and can update the case database. It supports the query of typical cases by a combination of multiple conditions, and can maintain the typical cases and their directory.

    Image processing advanced module (optional)

    Support fast 3D volume reconstruction function.

    Instantaneous MPR reconstruction and oblique and double oblique MPR with reference line.

    Support thickness adjustment of average, MIP and minIP modes.

    CPR surface reconstruction and navigation display CPR view.

    Advanced module of image processing (optional)

    The reconstruction of endoscope mode supports virtual endoscope navigation.

    3D volume of interest measurement, support visual filter and bone removal function.

    Automatic splicing function of 2D MR / Cr and 3D MRI images.




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