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    EEG Teaching instrument



    Product overview

    Meide A-type EEG teaching instrument is a teaching equipment which integrates EEG, EEG topographic map and EEG monitoring. It is a new type of teaching equipment specialized in teaching assistant from the aspects of instrument structure, working principle, electronic circuit design, use method and fault maintenance.

    Working principle signal

    The EEG teaching instrument takes a single channel as an example to illustrate the working principle of the EEG teaching instrument. The electrode placed on the scalp detects the weak EEG signal on the body surface or subcutaneously, and then it is coupled to the differential amplifier through the lead of the electrode for amplification, and then the interference signals of various frequencies are removed through low-pass filtering. Finally, the analog signal is converted into digital signal through a / D conversion, and the data is transmitted to the computer through the USB interface of the single chip microcomputer. Fast Fourier transform (FFT) is used to form power spectrum according to voltage variables of different time phases. The power spectrum is used to display the relationship between frequency (frequency domain) and power of brain wave, and the power spectrum is converted into an image, which can be eye-catching and intuitive to show the state of noisy function, which can be used for the diagnosis of intracranial lesions and quantitative analysis of EEG function.

    System characteristics

    Using USB communication interface to support projector online teaching, optional network version, multiple networking, network teaching, typical case database and case database can be updated to support clinical report writing teaching function

    1. Adopt USB communication interface

    2. Support projector online teaching

    3. Network version can be selected to realize network teaching

    4. Typical case database and case database can be updated and upgraded

    5. Support the teaching function of clinical report writing


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