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    ECG Teaching instrument


    Product overview

    Medea ECG teaching instrument is designed for the teaching and research needs of colleges and universities. It skillfully combines single lead and 12 lead synchronous recording of ECG signals, integrates clinical medicine, electronic engineering and computer network technology, realizes network-based and paperless teaching, and makes students more intuitive, comprehensive and in-depth grasp of practical ECG equipment principle and knowledge Related maintenance technology.

    Working principle signal

    The generator sends signals to the open structure principle experimental board, sets the fault points on the experimental board at will, observes the change of waveform through software or oscilloscope, and grasps the structure and principle of ECG and 12 lead ECG; the signals are collected and amplified by the experimental board, preprocesses the ECG signals, detects and identifies the decomposition points of P, Q, R, s, T waves, measures and calculates various parameters, and calculates the results The parameters are transferred to the ECG diagnosis and analysis program, and the ECG is logically judged, and the waveform and analysis results are displayed.

    System characteristics

    1. Adopt USB communication interface

    2. Support projector online teaching

    3. There is a typical case database, which can be updated and upgraded

    4. Optional network version, multi network, network teaching

    5. Supporting experiment instruction

    6. Support the teaching function of clinical report writing









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