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    Breast milk analyzer



    Product significance

    Infants and young children are the fastest growing period of sound field. They need to take in the right amount of nutrients in order to ensure the normal growth and development. The long-term insufficient supply of nutrients can lead to growth retardation, decreased resistance and susceptibility to diseases. When the long-term supply of nutrition is too much, obesity and other diseases may occur. Breast milk is the main food source in infancy, in which various nutrients are most conducive to the digestion and absorption of infants. The immune factors in breast milk play a unique role in reducing the risk of infant disease and improving the physical fitness of infants. Scientific detection of the nutritional components of milk, analysis of the content and proportion of various nutrients, can timely adjust the dietary structure of lactating mothers, and reasonably guide the complementary food collocation of infants, which is of great significance to improve the quality of milk and the health level of lactating mothers and infants.

    Detection range

    Colostrum, excess milk, mature milk, late milk

    Test items

    Protein, lactose, fat, mineral, energy, moisture, density, etc

    Functional features

    1. LCD display, all Chinese operation interface

    2. Support graphic workstation link and standard report printing

    3. Massive case storage, query and automatic comparison of previous sample test results

    4. No reagent is needed for sample detection, and the detection cost is low

    5. Rapid detection, automatic washing, sample detection faster

    6. Original imported movement, total sample test more than 60000 times, more stable performance

    7. It supports the connection of hospital information platform, and the test results are uploaded automatically, which is convenient for doctors to view at any time.

    Focusing on the growth and development of infants and young children, continuously promoting the development of breast milk analysis technology, and striving to ensure safe and scientific breast feeding are the preferred equipment for establishing "Baby Friendly Hospital" and carrying out breast feeding consultation service in China.

    Md-b breast milk analyzer of Jiangsu Meide Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is suitable for obstetrics, laboratory, neonatology, maternal and infant health care center, breast feeding guidance center and other departments of hospitals at all levels.


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