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    Medio Blood Purification Management System


    Product overview

    Virtue blood purification management system is the current domestic professional blood purification center system management software, with the continuous deterioration of people's living environment, more and more diseases threaten our health, kidney disease is one of them. With the continuous expansion of the hospital scale and the increasing number of patients, the traditional manual management of blood purification center can not meet the requirements of the construction of information and digital hospital. Meide blood purification management system is an information management system designed according to the work flow of the blood purification center. It not only covers the basic registration, appointment, scheduling, inspection, recording and other process control of dialysis patients, but also takes into account the practical functions of intervention sense control, various consumables management, data summary and reporting, with process operation and detailed details. It is practical, efficient, safe and operable.

    Virtue blood purification management system uses medical and computer big data technology, realizes the process management of dialysis treatment process and real-time monitoring of patients' condition, and provides strong support for medical staff to diagnose the disease in time and formulate excellent medical scheme Powerful support and help, effectively improve the dialysis environment order of patients, improve the work efficiency of medical staff, is an indispensable quality control management system at all levels of hemodialysis center.

    Blood purification management system is the product of the rapid development of modern network information technology and medical technology information. At present, in the construction process of most digital hospitals, the blood purification center is usually the last blind spot for hospitals to realize digitization. In a sense, whether the blood purification center can successfully realize digitization and information management is also the real realization of the hospital The symbol of digitization.

    Make the hemodialysis center:

    1. Informatization

    Accurate and timely access to hemodialysis machine, CRRT, blood pressure, ECG monitoring, body scale, water treatment and other equipment upload parameters, reduce the tedious work of a large number of manual records of medical staff, improve work efficiency. It can be seamlessly connected with LIS, his, EMR, PACS, all-in-one card and other information systems to realize data sharing.

    2. Scientific

    Systematic scientific scheduling of medical staff, patients and dialysis equipment can effectively solve the contradiction between supply and demand of dialysis patients and beds, and reasonably adjust the work and rest time of medical staff.

    3. Intellectualization

    The use of mobile terminals and handheld terminals enables medical staff to know the situation of patients at any time, making the work more flexible and convenient. The application platform of IOS system makes the operation easier.

    4. Humanization

    Patients' appointment for dialysis, large screen information display in waiting area and voice call make the treatment environment more orderly. Self service inquiry in hospital and SMS outside hospital remind patients to master dialysis schedule at any time. Timely life, diet and other warm reminder information show more humanistic care.

    5. Standardization

    Standardized management makes the working process of dialysis center more standard, effective sense control intervention makes the prevention work more detailed, the statistics, summary, reporting and query of all kinds of data are more simple, and the use and inventory of all kinds of consumables are clear and traceable.






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